Personalised Bar Mats for Promoting Your Brand

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Personalised Bar Mats for Promoting Your Brand


It doesn't matter where you're located, the bar business is competitive. In order to attract customers and keep your pub busy, you need to stand out from the other establishments in town.


You simply can't underestimate the importance of properly branding your bar. Even the smallest of details in your decor can have a big impact on your bar's brand identity. Personalised bar mats from are one small but effective way that you can increase brand recognition.

When your customers are sitting at your bar, they see your bar top the entire time. Personalised bar mats allow you to turn that space into an advertising space to promote your brand. Our bar mats can be printed with anything you desire. Use them to promote your most profitable foods and drinks or to show off your logo in style.

As functional as they are stylish, our personalised bar mats can help to preserve and protect your bar, too. The mats are made from a durable rubber material that blocks moisture to keep the surface of the bar dry. Non-slip backing holds the bar mats in place, so that you don't have to worry about them lifting off and sliding around. They're also incredibly easy to clean and act as insulators to protect bars from heat and freezing temperatures.


Ordering personalised bar mats from is easy. Our design tool will allow you to create your one-of-a-kind printed bar mats design in no time. Get started now or contact us for more information about the bar mats.


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