The canvas pictures are totally beautiful! They arrived quickly and were very well packaged. I am so happy with the quality of excellent work. You must be very proud of your product! I will enjoy them, show them off to others - and share info about your wonderful company. (yes, I WILL order more) It it unusual and a pleasure to find a business who REALLY seems to care. Many thanks!
- Bill Bowden Sr.
I could not believe it was my canvases I had ordered when the delivery truck pulled into my driveway only a day and a half from the time I ordered them. I was expecting some clothing items I had ordered from another company, (which I still haven't gotten yet) but it was my canvases. And the picture was just beautiful looking better actually than the photograph which was made on a cell phone.. I was very please.
- Lulu Pittz
Last month It was birthday of my younger son and I had been looking for printing some of his birthday photos on canvas. I pick up myprints from 2-4 top search results of canvas printing websites in wales. I am pretty impressed with the materials and on time delivery. They have estimated about 3-4 days of shipping but my product was arrived within 2 days. Packaging and the service they providing are just amazing. I will surely try for one more order for printing one of my wedding photos on canvas.
- Andrea
Great looking site, easy to navigate. Purchased 2 prints for birthdays presents and was able to specify a different delivery address which was perfect. Value for money and service was easy going but efficient. Best quality ever! Take a look for yourself Helen
- Helen Jones
We used to use various companies to outsource our Canvas prints but we have now settled on just using myprints as they have shown that they have outstanding prices and quality on ALL products they supply. Their communication is just as outstanding and whomever answers the phone is always ready to help straight away or be able to point you in the direction of someone who can - I will ALWAYS shop here from now on
- Alex Howels